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Limpador de janelas



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    Cabeça de escova de cerdas curtas

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    A spray with cleaning cloth

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Combine three functions in one machine, which makes life more convenient.

Light and handy, the windown cleaner provides pure and bright domestic environment just by spraying, scrubbing and wiping the windows.

Two complimentary detachable brushes

Equipped with long and short two rubber brushes, with good watertightness, tenacity, durability and water-wiper.

Comfortable operating handle

Ergonomic handle is more confortable and safer.

Electric water absorption device

Unique water obsorption device can remove the sewage while cleaning.

Detachable sewage treatment box

Detachable and easy to clean and maintain, the capacity of the sewage treatment box is 120 millilitres.

Button press type power switch. Easy to use

O design de carregamento

Equipped with a charger and a battery. The battery is 3.6V 1300mAh Li-ion.

Sufficient supply of battery

Self-contained and wireless, the battery can be used for 30 minutes after charging for 2.5 hours, which can clean an area of 135㎡ or about 25 regular glasses.

Com a chaleira

It can contain water of 300 millilitres in one-time; press button makes it easy to spray; soft cleaning cloth absorbs more water.


1. It can only clean the window in a vertical position, not a horizontal position. Never use it upsidedown.

2. Corrosive liquir is not allowed to absorb.

3. Do not clean the window by inserting the machine into blinds.

4. Never spray water directly to the devices containing electronic components.

5. The charger can only be used to charge the self-contained battery.

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